November 05, 2010

How to get dollars through facebook

How to get dollars through facebook

 This time I wanted to share a few TIPS to make money  FACEBOOK .
FACEBOOK besides being one of the sites most popular SOCIAL NETWORKING also have many sources of money APPLICATIONS
One such application is EASY CASH

This site is based: PAY PER LEAD (payable only to invite people to join)

The way it works as follows (Make sure you are logged on up):
(1). JOIN only (FREE), click the link below:
You must have an account up and Permit Application is in your FaceBook Account

(2). Invite people to join through your URL: - URL can be found by clicking on the menu: "Refer Friends" (Find the URL with the pattern of such points: 1 above) - There also can click the "Publish To WALL"

(3). Total COMMISSION: When you direct Register Can $ .1 and when to invite people to register for free you can $ .0.01 + 10% income person you refer

(4). PAYMENT: You'll get paid every 1st and 16th of each month after your commissions reach minimum of $ .5, payment via Paypal account (to which have not yet found a guide at: DO NOT FORGET! input your account (email) your paypal in the menu "Account".

TIPS Get $ .100 of this program: --------------
(1). Recruit at least 100 people Logically, if you recruit 100 and the people you recruit to get 100 people as well, then 10% income person you recruit is $ .100, - (The more the better .. hey we taukan not all successful people we can recruit to recruit 100 people .. if recruiting exaggeration can be a backup ^ _ *)

(2). COPY this article for promotion We must help the people we recruit to get at least 100 people, with a copy of this paper (including TIPS) will help the people we recruit to be promoted again (you just replace the link POINTS 1 way working with your link).

(3). How to campaign The easiest is to send a "Private Messege" containing this paper (which you already changed the link) throughout your facebook friends, if still less to send this article to the email address you know, if it is not until one hundred and also send this paper through classified ads, etc.
Hopefully Helpful and .. Good luck ..

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