November 05, 2010

8 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

8 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

8 Tips for choosing domain name
 Here are the tips:

1] Choose a name that represents your business
If your business revolves around buying and selling clothes, try to select a domain name that has an element of said clothes in it.

Do not buy a domain with a name that has nothing to do, even contradictory. For example, if you sell clothes, you can choose a domain name, and do not choose a name
[2] Try to choose a domain ending. Com
As,,, and so on. And not,,, or the other.Why? Because the domain with the suffix. Com is identical with the domain business. Even identical to the domain name in general.If there are two domain name and, about which people will remember that when typing in the browser window? Domain. Com answer.
[3] Choose a domain name that is easy to remember
Also, choose a catchy domain name consumers. Many users of the website, which until today still rely on their memory to open a site that once they open (and they like) before.If you are looking for free software repository, which would you remember better:, or 
I believe, the first choice answers.
[4] Choose a domain name is short
In many instances, a shorter your domain name, it is better for your business.
Instead of creating a domain with the name, far better to make a name only. Domain shorter easier to remember and more elegant than a long domain name.
[5] Avoid domain names that use numbers
And do not choose a domain name that writing ambiguous, or can be written in many versions.
For example, domain. When a new friend to play to your home and ask about the domain you have, maybe you could say that my domain is "one two three". Com. But about what will be interpreted by your friend?
Is Or Or
Confusing, right? And also allows a typo. Therefore, avoid.
[6] Avoid clashes with copyright issues
Next, to avoid problems later on, try not to use an existing domain name of the copyright. As the big brands.
If you are not a person who has access to may use the mark "Toyota" say, then do not ever make a domain with the name "Shop-Toyota.Com" or "". You never know when brand holders to feel offended by your domain name, and sue you to court over copyright infringement issues.
[7] For personal branding, use your name
If you use your domain name to develop your own, use your name. For example: Do not use the name of the goods, let alone someone else's name.
[8] Finally, use the "top" or "best" or the like for the website review
 If you buy a domain that is used for affiliate marketing with the type of review, is a good idea to use the word "best" or "top" in your domain name.
Let me give an example for a web hosting review domain, use the name:,
Why? Because usually people are looking for the best web hosting on search engines like google with the keyword "best web hosting" or "top hosting" or something similar. By having a domain name similar to the desired keyword, your site's potential to be on the home page search engines will be even greater.

Yep, all right, .. maybe it was just before the tips to select a domain this time. Hopefully that will be useful for your domain purchase the first time or will buy the next domain.
Please comment and input, who knows anyone have other valuable tips:)

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