October 31, 2010

How to install alexa rank widget in blog

As we all know that Alexa rank will make a ranking based on number of visitors to your blog or website, more and more visitors to a blog or website then Alexa rank will get better and is characterized by the value of Alexa Rank is the less.  

So if the day Alexa Rank we will look like down do not panic because it's good. Where did the Titans know the number of visits to a website or blog? Alexa will know the number of visits to a website or blog based on information from the computer's internet browser to install the Alexa toolbar.

Therefore, for your blog or website owner who wants to obtain accurate data about the number of visitors is to install the alexa widget on your blog or web.

In short by installing alexa widgets on the blog, then the machine Alexa will know accurately how many visitors and Page view (pages viewed) on the website or blog.
For those interested in installing the widget alexa rank way, is as follows. :

1. Log into the site www.alexa.com
2. Click on the menu for site Owners, Then Select Side Widgets sought-after
3. Type the URL of your blog, and then click Build Widget,

4. Select a widget that will be used from the 3 options available, namely:
Button (120 x 95)Vertical Banner (120 x 240)Banner (468 x 60)

5. Copy / paste the html code of the selected widgets into your blogs
6. How to install Alexa Rank to your blog:

* Login to "www.blogger.com"
* Go to "Layout or Lay Out"
* Select "Add a Gadget"
* Select the "HTML / JavaScript"
* Enter the script from www.alexa.com earlier, then click "Save"
7. Done ... Good luck ...
Perhaps friends one wants to add or there are tricks that are more simple, please fill in the comments.

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