October 24, 2010

Understanding The Internet

What is the Internet? Let us try to describe understanding of the Internet.

Understanding the internet

The Internet is a global network of computers of the world, big and very wide at all in which each computer are connected to each other from country to country around the world and contains various information, ranging from text, images, audio, video, and more.
Internet itself comes from the word Interconnection Networking, which means the relationship of many computer networks with various types and species, using a type of communication such as telephone, salelit, and others.
In a set of integration and computer network communication protocol that uses TCP / IP. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) duty to ensure that all links are working properly, while the IP (Internet Protocol) which transmits data from one computer to another. TPC / IP in general serves to choose the best route of transmission of data, choosing an alternative route if a route can not be in use, manage and transmit packets of data transmission.
To be able to participate using the Internet facility, you must subscribe to an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that exist and serve your area. ISPs are usually called Internet service providers. You can use the facilities from Telkom as Telkomnet Instant, speedy and also other ISP services such as first media, netzip and so forth.
The Internet offers many benefits, one can provide the benefits of good and bad. Good when used for learning information and bad when used for things that pornography, violence information, and others negative.
Internet allows computer users around the world to communicate and share information by sending each other emails, connecting one computer to another computer, send and receive files in the form of text, audio, video, discuss certain topics on the newsgroups, social networking websites and others.

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