October 24, 2010

How to Speed Up Downloads

If you like the internet then want to know how to speed up downloads, you can use a download manager software. It applies two functions, namely to organize your downloaded files en sure if download does not end in the middle of the road.
Not funny anymore if you do not download the songs of his memory and then suddenly broke the middle of the road then you have to repeat again from scratch.
Depending on the server where you download, software download manager is able to meresume (resume interrupted file in the middle of the road or on-pause). Rapidshare for example, can not resume the download manager, but could MediaFire.
Download the easiest software to use is DownThemAll. This is a firefox addon software, so you do not have to install on the computer and integrated with the Firefox browser.
How To Accelerate Downloads with DownThemAll
You can download the software DownThemAll manager / accelerator here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/search/?q=downthemall. DownThemAll is a download manager that is fast, efficient and very easy to use, because the software is smart to monitor browser activity, what users are downloading the file again or not, and could directly take over the role of the download and accelerate access to download these.
DownThemAll will eat all available bandwidth, hence the download speed will be driven up to the maximum. This will speed up your downloads, but also can make the browser so it would not be digunain make browsing for all the bandwidth consumed. Unfortunately DownThemAll is not no setting to limit the bandwidth that the file will be downloaded.

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